South Park: The Fractured But Whole

Welcome to the new and improved website for The Gamer Journal podcast. The old website was never updated so you didn’t miss much if this is your first visit. Check back here often to find out the latest news about the show, when new episodes are up and what let’s plays I am doing. Those who listen to the show know already that The Gamer Journal is the third wheel when it comes to my podcast projects, after The Win Streak (sports) and Next Generation America (politics). I eventually want to do something with history but I will probably merge it with Next Generation America podcast for the time being.

Right now I am currently about three hours into South Park : The Fractured But Whole. Next week I will probably begin Mario Odyssey. As for South Park, I am really enjoying the game so far. It goes without saying that the game is hilarious and if you like the Stick of Truth or just a South Park fan in general you will love this game. Matt and Trey both wrote the game script so this feels like one giant South Park season. The game play has more depth to it, the Stick of Truth was pretty shallow when it came to combat. I am not a big fan of RPGs but this is giving me a change of heart. If you love South Park but hate RPGs then watch my videos below and let me do all the hard work.

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– Corey Foister